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Espoon ITF Taekwon-do Ry was founded 2006. We operate in Espoo. Our training is targetet to all age groups from children to senior citizens. 

We have beginner's course ongoing autumn-spring time - you can join any time. In addition we offer self-defense courses to companies and other communities. 

Taekwondo union's license (Suomen Taekwondoliitto) is compulsory to all our members as well as an insurance. Please read product sheet on license/ insurance carefully. You can take license directly from the following here, Send copy of lisence number to club secretary via email ( ) or bring copy to trainings. 

You can follow our club in Facebook under:  Espoon ITF Taekwon-Do. By liking the club in facebook you can receive latest information/ changes. 


Taekwondo Beginners' course ongoin at Tuomarila school - come and learn something new!

You are welcome to the course if you are minimum 7 years old. Children aged 7-9 years are accepted to the course only with one of their parents ie both are students at the course.

We practise basic movements, kicks and self defence at the Beginner's course. Taekwondo suits everyone - women, men and children.  The most important part is that you want to learn something new and are ready to try new things. After the Beginner's course you can continue Taekwon-do by joining our club and participating our trainings as often as you like.

Course fee is 100e/ person and for parent-child the fee is 100e/adult and 35e/child. In addition to that comes belt exam fee. Training equipment: long sport trousers, t-shirt, water bottle and small towel. We train with bare feet. 

Trainings are held at Tuomarila school on Fridays 17.00-19.00. 

You can register to the course by filling in below registration template. Additional information you can get by sending email to club's secretary:


* Tähdellä merkityt kentät ovat pakollisia.

Autumn trainings 

Mikkelä school, Mon 17.00-18.30 juniors training
Suna school: Tue 17.00-19:00 
Tuomarila school:  Fri 19.00-21.00 

All trainings are for all colour belts - adults, children and teenagers.

See cancelled trainings from Finnish pages "Harjoitukset" and the dates under "Harjoituksia ei ole:".


Gym school for kids 6-8 years old

Starts 11.1.18 at Tuomarila School

Registration by email or by filling in the form at fron page. If you want more details, please send email to 




Espoon ITF Taekwon-Do Ry
Harjuviita 1 B 53
02110 Espoo

Instructor: Sabum Jarmo Tjurin, 6 dan

Secretary: Sari Englund, 3 dan


Chairman: Petteri Laamanen
Vice Chairman: Ville Mäkinen
Secretary: Sari Englund
Treasurer: Jarmo Tjurin


Sabum Jarmo Tjurin, 6 dan
Boosabum Sari Englund, 3 dan
Boosabum Miikka Englund, 2 dan
Petteri Laamanen, 2 gup
Juho Huomo, 1 dan 
Micaela Keinonen, 1 dan